It really is….about time that is. I have wanted to start a Blog for years but my general lack of experience with all things computer and my crazy but all too common lifestyle has put it on a back burner for ages. I don’t feel like I have enough time to do what needs to be done in a day let alone start something new. But I am tired of putting things I want off and I am going to make the time. Yesterday I decided to go for it and here I am.

I feel like I was raised to expect the White Picket Fence – which to me and my girlfriends meant 2.5 kids, a husband, house, car, good job; a comfortable life that was going to come our way because we wanted it and we deserved it. Instead what we got was White Picket Fence Syndrome.┬áThe Urban Dictionary lists White Picket Fence Syndrome as “a state of mind where a person blindly holds on to the idea of their perfect lifestyle, regardless of the inevitable factors that make it impossible for it to be true”. I am not complaining. I have worked hard to get where I am in my life and inside my head. My triumphs and tragedies have molded me into the woman I am today. However, I crave conversation with other women like me who were told we could be anything and as such have spent our lives working at being the perfect model of every hat we wear but have ended up wearing so many hats that we can’t keep it up. We are inundated on social media and tv and movies with glimpses of perfect lives being lived by perfect women and I think a lot of us have been left feeling … well…imperfect. Or is it only me feeling that way? I doubt it. I want women to stand up and be real. I want us to stop pretending we have it all together when we don’t and I want us to support one another. I want us to be able to decide what is most important to each of us personally and to focus on those things without feeling like we are failing at other things. I want us to discuss our world and our lives and love each other for living those lives to the fullest. I want us to decide to have children…or not. To decide to focus on our careers…or not. To know that we have to make those decisions and that those decisions will affect us for the rest of our lives. To know we have the choice to make these decisions for ourselves and to tell the younger versions of ourselves the truth about what costs these decisions will have.

Naturally, I don’t know what form this blog will take yet but I want it to be a stream of consciousness that will help me relate to other women and other women relate to me. I know you are out there; lets talk.